Guide to Kameido-shrine in Kanto Area for sightseeing. There is Goshuin.

投稿者: | 2019年10月16日

Kameido-shrine is very famous in Japan. I often write this blog in Japanese but I write in English today to introduce Japanese shrine for foreign people.

Access to this shrine

The nearest station is Kameido station at Sobu line. Please go out from north gate and walk about 15 min. You can get on the bus as needed. Please check the detail route by Google Map.

Kameido-shrine is written “亀戸天神社” in Japanese.

What is famous in this shrine?

This shrine is very famous because Japanese believe “God of study” is here in this shrine. We purchase “Ema” and write each goal to be realized.
“Ema” is written “絵馬” in Japanese.

How to pray

Before you purchase the Ema, please pray at the shrine.
At first, please wash your hands and mouth at chozuya. Please check the above image. And then, please pray in front of the shrine after you pay 5 yen to a Box. This box is called “Osaisen-bako” in Japanese.

Many experts discuss why we pay money to box before our pray. There are many theories but I think we pay money to box to clear our hearts. 

After your pray, you can get goshuin if you’d like to collect it.
※ 300 yen is needed to get it. And the time is from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The other Picture

Spots near this shrine

I recommend you to visit “Kameido-Katori-Shrine“. This name is similar to “Kameido-Shrine”. But this “Kameido-Katori-Shrine” is famous of “God of Sports”. Many Japanese professional athletes come to here to pray their victory.