Quick guide around “Dogo-onsen”

投稿者: | 2021年12月13日

We can go to ”Dogo-onsen” by local tram. The fare is 160 yen per adult, and 80 yen per kids. You had better buy the one day ticket if you get on tram several times on one day. Bocchan tram is driven around Matsuyama at the scheduled time. So, you can get on this tram if you want to ride. This fare of Bocchan tram is 300 yen per adult, and 200 yen per kids. There is shopping street at the Dogo-onsen. We can enjoy window shopping and lunch.

Whenever I go to Ehime, I go to the following food shop ”Tanimotokamabokoten”. This shop is famous for local food “Jakoten” and this food is good for eating around. This shop is takeout only.

Address: 20 Dogoyunomachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
TEL: +81-89-933-3032
OPEN: 8:30-22:00

In addition to foods, you can drink local beer near “Tanimotokamabokoten”. I think this beer is a bit expensive, but please try if you rare to come to Japan!

SHOP: Dogo-Bakushukan
TEL: +81-89-945-6866
OPEN: 11:00-22:00