"A Frame Cargo"


A-Frame Cargo

Please check the above picture. I think this obstacle is very easy. So, let's challenge to it by relaxes. This obstacle...

Result of the Spartan BEAST in Niigata-Pref, Japan on Sep.15, 2019

About 1 month passed when Spartan BEAST was held in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. This BEAST race was held in Japan for th...

CHIBA Spartan Super, May 18th 2019:障害物紹介有り②

引き続き備忘録も兼ねて障害物紹介を兼ねたSpartan Superです。 13) Sandbag carry: Clear14) Atlas carry: NG15) Monkey bar: NG 12) Rope Climb...

Introduce obstacles about Spartan Sprint in Aizu

I participated in Spartan race in Aizu on 6th July, 2019. So, I introduce Cource and 20 obstacles of this race. ...