Introduce obstacles about Spartan Sprint in Aizu

投稿者: | 2019年7月14日

I participated in Spartan race in Aizu on 6th July, 2019. So, I introduce Cource and 20 obstacles of this race.

Cource MAP

This course is very characteristic. The first half of this course is mainly RUNNING. There is few obstacles.

20 Obstacles
Please click each obstacle name

01) Slip Wall : I’m clear
02) Z Wall : I’m clear
03) Para Cord : I’m clear
04) 7Ft Wall : I’m clear
05) Box Jump : I’m clear
06) 4Ft Wall : I’m clear
07) A-Frame Cargo : I’m clear
08) Sandbag Carry : I’m clear
09) Multi Rig : I’m NOT clear
10) 6Ft Wall : I’m clear
11) OUT : I’m clear
12) Vertical Cargo : I’m clear
13) Rope Climb : I’m NOT clear
14) Hurdles : I’m clear
15) Hercules Hoist : I’m NOT clear
16) Monkey Bar : I’m NOT clear
17) Spear Throw : I’m NOT clear
18) Jerry Can Carry : I’m clear
19) Inverted Wall : I’m clear
20) Barb Wire Crawl : I’m clear

My Results

I cleared 15/20 obstacles. I was good pace until Multi-Rig. Needless to say, my time was force to be late by burpee jump!!! OMG!!

My next race is Spartan BEAST in Niigata-Pref on September. If I pass the finish gate of this race, I’m a trifecta!