Japanese food “Sukiyaki” at Asakusa

投稿者: | 2019年2月26日

Introduce Japanese restaurant for travellers

Tokyo Marathon 2019 will be held this weekend, so I think many runners trip to Japan. Maybe people enjoy not only marathon, but also sightseeing and Japanese culture. Today, I introduce Japanese restaurant which you can eat “Sukiyaki” at Asakusa.


Kobe Beef A5 rank

Tel: +81-3-3842-7373
1-33-5 Asakusa Daitou-ku Tokyo
Asakusa Station, Ginza line
Open: 11:30-22:00
Route: Tatsumiya from Asakusa Station

Price is a bit expensive, but taste good. Please check the detail menu by the following URL.


Tokyo Sky Tree is near this station, so if you have enough time I recommend you to go.

Have a nice trip!!